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journey inside



Dark Cave  

# 1


leave behind the spectacles of everyday noise and

venture into the cave on your own

to discover the truth in the dark and

the voice in the stillness


An intimate experiential artwork 

developed in response to my Dombrovskis wilderness residency at Hastings Caves

in collaboration  with TASMANIA Parks and Wildlife Service @ Hastings Caves


Photography by Ilona Schneider

Drawing  by  janelle mendham  from INNER TOPOGRAPHIES

Transgression .jpg


Dark Cave 

 # 2


a collection of mythopoetic writing

by artist  Janelle Mendham, published by SalonWriting


Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.27.54
Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.28.45

Photography by Bernie Carr

DC 13_1.35.1.jpg

Dark Cave  

# 3

performative reading and book launch


In the cave-like spaces of Hobart Town Hall Underground
experience a dimension of DARK CAVE
DC 19_1.49.1.jpg
DC 9_1.25.1.jpg
DC 22_1.53.1.jpg
DC 17_1.44.1 72dpi jpg.jpg

stills from the DARK CAVE video

by Mick Lowenstein

DarkCave-SkyLight-07196 copy.jpg

Dark Cave I Sky Light

# 4   


A deep interior journey within atmospheric wilderness

experienced lightly through the spectacular Tahune Airwalk


walk in silent procession through a multi-voiced performative reading of the mythopoetic text Dark Cave  interwoven with music  viola, cello and choir

Janelle  Mendham   Design and content of Dark Cave

Emily Sheppard      Composition, choral elements, voice & viola

Lucy Wilson            Cello & voice

Ruth Hadlow          Creative development


Far South Singers & Dark Cave Readers   


Photography by Ilona Schneider


supported by

TASMANIA Parks and Wildlife Service 

Tasmanian Government

Australian Government - Regional Arts Fund



Arts Tasmania

Huon Valley Council

Tahune Adventures

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