Dark Cave I Sky Light



A deep interior journey within atmospheric wilderness

experienced lightly through the spectacular Tahune Airwalk

a multi-voiced performative reading of the mythopoetic text Dark Cave 

interwoven with viola, cello and choir

Janelle  Mendham   Design and content of Dark Cave

Emily Sheppard      Music, composition, choral elements, voice & viola

Lucy Wilson            Cello & voice

Ruth Hadlow          Creative collaboration


Far South Singers & Dark Cave Readers   

Dark Cave Readers &  Far South Singers        
Cat Horan-Blake, Christl Berg, Corinne Coombs, Erica Bush, Jennie Jackson, Jennifer Scott, Nina Daos Kadati, Simon Gledhill, Susan Dickson, Susie Haley, Vivienne Cutbush

Ilona Schneider photography

Supported by 

The Huon Valley Council

Tahune Adventures


Artwork, design and content Janelle Mendham. ©  All rights reserved

Adapted from website by Patrick Toohey