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 an immersive multi-voiced performative reading of


In the cave-like spaces of Hobart Town Hall Underground
experience a dimension of Dark Cave

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DC 1_1.5.1.jpg
DC 16_1.41.1.jpg

 a salon production

 underground  2019

DC 17_1.44.1 72dpi jpg.jpg

Stills from HVC video by Mick Lowenstein

many thanks

Dark Cave Readers  -  Ruth Hadlow, Morag Porteous, Maddy Parsons, Viv Cutbush 
Nina Daos Kadat@  the book table
Christopher Brown soup maker + Jackie Brown
Willie Smiths  Tasmanian apple cider

SalonWriting     Ruth Hadlow, Morag Porteous & Marinelle Basson    


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