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Conceived by artist  Ruth Hadlow & set up and run in collaboration with Janelle Mendham, salon's intimate and innovative program provides artists with the opportunity to explore and experiment with creative presentations of ideas, writing and new work.


salon presents an extraordinary &                event




by Janelle Mendham

with Emily Sheppard, Lucy Wilson, Ruth Hadlow, Far South Singers

                                                                                                     & Dark Cave Readers


a silent procession of audience          the spectacular Tahune Airwalk

suspended                                      above

                in deep forest wilderness                the upper reaches of the sparkling Huon River

surrounded by the multi-voiced performative reading of the                                Dark Cave

                                                                                                               mythopoetic text

                                interwoven with viola      and choir






a collaborative publishing project focused on innovative and experimental writing from inside the creative process; writing that reveals how artists experience and reflect on the world and their practice.  

Book # 1           re + home + ing     by  Irene Briant

Book # 2           Dark Cave    by Janelle Mendham

Book # 3           Threefold Drievoud    by Marinelle Basson

Book # 4           from now to there to elsewhere    by Christl Berg

SalonWriting is run by Ruth Hadlow, Marinelle Basson & Morag Porteous in Tasmania, Australia.

salon presents

a program of intimate & experimental, readings, talks, conversations, guided tours, presentations, lectures & performances by artists in informal & unusual settings.

# 00                   Walk into the Unknown   Performative reading, writing & drawing in the exhibition Drawn into the Unknown

                           text - anthology Artist's | Writing,  Christl Berg, Ruth Hadlow Janelle Mendham  Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny, April 2016

# 0                      In-Situ  choreographed performative reading, writing & drawing in exhibition Pro/cession,  

                           Marinelle Basson,  Ruth   Hadlow, Janelle Mendham. Moonah Arts Centre, September, 2016

salon # 1             A Walk in Tuscany   slide night, performative reading with artist   Marinelle Basson  February 19, 2017 

                             artist's lounge room, South Hobart

salon # 2             Roughly Blended   performative reading with writer   Helen Swain   April 4, 2017

                            artist friends lounge room, West Hobart

salon # 3             Memento Mori   artist talk presented through word and image with   Lauren Black   April 9, 2017

                            TopSpace StudioGallery, Hobart

salon # 4             Wrong Making and Divergent Handicraft   with artist   Mae Finlayson   June 22, 2017 

                            Inveresk Precinct, UTAS, Launceston

salon # 5             gather   visual unpacking with   Gwen Egg   August 8, 2017 

                            Okines Community House, Dodges Ferry

salon # 6             Flirting   presentation by writer | performer   Suzy Cooper  August 19, 2017

                            upstairs Republic Bar, Hobart 

salon # 7             Dark Cave   participant performance with   Janelle Mendham   August 25, 2017   

                            Newdegate Cave,  Hastings - southern forests Tasmania

salon # 8             Slipping out   with artist   Jan Dineen   September, 2017 

                            artist's studio, Mount Nelson

salon # 9             Mother Wouldn’t Like It   performative reading with writer   Helen Swain   December 8, 2017 

                            artist's lounge room, Ferntree

salon # 10           Dark Cave Duet   performance movement experiment with artist   Wendy Morrow   February, 2018

                            Newdegate Cave,  Hastings - southern forests Tasmania

salon # 11           Other than Orthodox – Poem 124  by Emily Dickinson   with artist   Jane Slade   March 6, 2018

                            TopSpace StudioGallery,  Hobart 

salon # 12           Destiny   in-situ sculptural performance, installation and artist reading with  Gay Hawkes   March 18, 2018  

                            artist's home & studio, Marion Bay

salon # 13           The Limits of Knowing and the Limits of Language   presentation by writer,   Jennie Jackson   May 6, 2018  

                           Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Customs House, Royal Society Room, Hobart


salon readings  

an innovative program of artists performing their own writing

salon readings # 1                                                   TopSpace StudioGallery, Hobart, May 5 2018

                                                                                                           Christl Berg Here is 

                                                                                                           David Bluhdorn – Absence and Myth in Ragged Basin 

                                                                                                           Diane Perndt  Reading Clouds

salon readings @ The People’s Library                 Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.Sept 9, 2018

                                                                                                           Viv Cutbush   book #1,  Postcards from Rocky Cape

                                                                                                           Gay Hawkes    book #113, Memoirs of a Travelling Sheila

                                                                                                           Janelle Mendham  book #41,  Inner Topographies

salon readings @ The People’s Library                  Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.Sept 16 2018

                                                                                                          Christl Berg   book #39,  Studio Notes

                                                                                                          Irene Briant   book #97,  Thinking Making Being

                                                                                                          Marinelle Basson  book #45,  Ivory Black

salon@hobART Book Fair   



Representing 18 artists from across Australia, taking 37 different publications and artist books to the hobART Book Fair, run by A Published Event Margaret Woodward & Justy Phillips  during The People’s Library. Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart. Sept 21& 22, 2018.

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