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Inner Topographies


The whole thrust of this investigation is to
go underground.
I'm going underground
he isn't - he's being cremated.


... and so begins my Wilderness Residency at Hastings Caves ... telling  stories from the cave ... walking the labyrinth, caught in a web, a meditation, a return ... to the inner spaces of Earth and Being.  


 wish you were here


wish you were here


                               you can hear the cave



                      the river under the cave 


a waterfall 

                 in the Cathedral


  janelle mendham DARK CAVE #2

Photography by Bernie Carr

Photography by Peter Mathew

Photography by Peter Mathew


 Book #41 of The People's Library



Published Event project

 A Published Event founded by artists Justy Phillips & Margaret Woodward


Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.55.57 am cop
Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.57.21 am cop

The People's Library is  held in the collections of the 

Tasmanian State Library and the National Library of Australia

many thanks

Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania - Hastings Manager, Beth Russell
Exhibition colleagues in Process/ion 
Moonah Arts Centre
A Published Event - Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward

supported by

TASMANIA Parks and Wildlife Service 

Tasmanian Government

Australian Government - Regional Arts Fund

Arts Tasmania

Dombrovskis Parks and Wildlife Wilderness Residency


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