journey inside




leave behind the spectacles of everyday noise and

venture into the cave on your own

to discover the truth in the dark and

the voice in the stillness


the dark


the earth

no movement of air

no sight, no time

something inside

the wild in me

a tiny all consuming echo

of this cavernous space

 janelle mendham DARK CAVE #2

And can you tell me – Who is Night?

Birthed in the void

child of Time Without Age and Ananke.

Sister to Ether and Chaos.

Birthed a second time by Phane into the world of appearance

so now we too have Night.

Night was the only one able to see Phane

Did she have substance? Did she have form?

Imagine her in opposition 

to the fantastic figure and light of Phane.

Night was Phane’s lover – he stayed in her dark cave 

with light pouring from his head 

bringing all into the world of appearance.

Night was heir of Phane’s sceptre – Did that make her 

the ruler? Where is the sceptre now? 

You can tell she doesn’t have it – Night no longer 

holds sway in our over illuminated world.

Nights Cave? Breathing black now.

She’s the mystery – the counterpoint to light 

the unknown darkness.

 janelle mendham DARK CAVE #2

An intimate experiential participatory artwork

Developed in response to Janelle's wilderness residency at Hastings Caves

in collaboration with TASMANIA Parks and Wildlife Service @ Hastings Caves

Photography by Ilona Schneider

Supported by 

Australian Government - Regional Arts Fund

TASMANIA Parks and Wildlife Service 

Tasmanian Government

Huon Valley Council

Arts Tasmania



Artwork, design and content Janelle Mendham. ©  All rights reserved

Adapted from website by Patrick Toohey