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journey inside




leave behind the spectacles of everyday noise and

venture into the cave on your own

to discover the truth in the dark and

the voice in the stillness

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An experiential event specific to Hastings Caves developed in response to my Dombrovski wilderness residency in collaboration with TASMANIA Parks and Wildlife Service @ Hastings Caves


Shades of Dark

At first, it's dark

a dense impenetrable black

then you begin to see mounds of undulating dark – a field of

fluffy clouds drawn in shades. You see this pattern whether

your eyes are open or closed.

You lie on the floor – feel the cold of the ground even though

you're rugged up and snug. And listen as the music of water,

space and crystal takes form. Yesterday the underground

stream was running – the sound dominated as it echoed

round the chamber. You're told it’s thunderous when in full


The quiet and darkness blanket you.

You were going to do something – but you can't care to

remember what it was.

Instead you close your eyes

your body turns languid

feel yourself dissolve into space

wander the terrain of a waking dream

drift into sleep

janelle mendham DARK CAVE #2



           the dark


the earth

                                       no movement of air

                 no sight, no time

                                                      something inside

         the wild in me

                                 a tiny all consuming echo


                         of this cavernous space


By Mick Lowenstein - Huon Valley Council 

Photography by Ilona Schneider

many thanks 

   Beth Russell                         PWS  Hastings Manager

Georgina Buckingham        creative development

Ruth Hadlow                        creative development

Christl Berg                          creative development 


supported by

TASMANIA Parks and Wildlife Service 

Tasmanian Government

Australian Government - Regional Arts Fund



Arts Tasmania

Huon Valley Council

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