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The Shape of Space

Wth the artist in residence, the schoolroom in the Schoolhouse Gallery is returned to a space for study.


Investigations into Hastings Caves continue...


How do you take pictures of space?

It's the edges of space that draw my attention  

 janelle mendham DARK CAVE #2


deep into time

deep into space

going back

 janelle mendham DARK CAVE #2


Photography by Ilona Schneider

The Story of the Rock

Mapping the story of the approx. 700 million year old dolomite rock on an 8 metre  timeline.        I metre = 100 million years. 

Correspondence-0325 copy 3.jpg




In the belly of the beast – in the womb of the mother. The cave takes on immortal proportions but I know it isn’t immortal – even if it acts like it – even if it’s old beyond my comprehension.  I’ve explored the arc of its existence.  Its story begins with the rock – a miracle creation made of little crystals and algae laid down and compressed in shallow warm seas – the rock traveled this planet from north to south and is now heading north again – in constant transformation – cavities continually emptying and filling – and now the rock’s belly is growing crystal that is made from the stuff of its eaten-away and broken body.

 janelle mendham DARK CAVE #2


Photography by Ilona Schneider

Thank you
Correspondence exhibition collaborators, Christl Berg & Marinelle Basson
Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny
Chris Sharples, Geomorphologist from the University of Tasmania
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