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salon is a platform which provides artists with the opportunity to explore and experiment with creative presentations of ideas, writing and new work.


Conceived by artist  Ruth Hadlow & set up in collaboration with Janelle Mendham salon's intimate innovative and experimental program is run with the intention of creating a dialogue around expanded modes of practice.


salon presents an extraordinary &                event




by Janelle Mendham

with Emily Sheppard, Lucy Wilson, Ruth Hadlow, Far South Singers

                                                                                                     & Dark Cave Readers


a silent procession of audience          the spectacular Tahune Airwalk

suspended                                      above

                in deep forest wilderness                the upper reaches of the sparkling Huon River

surrounded by the multi-voiced performative reading of the                                Dark Cave

                                                                                                               mythopoetic text

                                interwoven with viola      and choir







a collaborative publishing project focused on innovative and experimental writing from inside the creative process; writing that reveals how artists experience and reflect on the world and their practice.  The project is run by Ruth Hadlow, Marinelle Basson & Morag Porteous in Tasmania, Australia.

Book # 1           re + home + ing  by  Irene Briant

Book # 2           Dark Cave by Janelle Mendham

Book # 3           Threefold Drievoud by Marinelle Basson

salon readings  

an innovative program of artists performing their own writing

salon readings # 1                                                   TopSpace StudioGallery, Hobart, May 5 2018: 

                                                                                                           Christl Berg Here is 

                                                                                                           David Bluhdorn – Absence and Myth in Ragged Basin 

                                                                                                           Diane Perndt  Reading Clouds

salon readings @ The People’s Library                 Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.Sept 9, 2018:

                                                                                                           Viv Cutbush   book #1,  Postcards from Rocky Cape

                                                                                                           Gay Hawkes    book #113, Memoirs of a Travelling Sheila

                                                                                                           Janelle Mendham  book #41,  Inner Topographies

salon readings @ The People’s Library                  Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.Sept 16 2018:

                                                                                                          Christl Berg   book #39,  Studio Notes

                                                                                                          Irene Briant   book #97,  Thinking Making Being

                                                                                                          Marinelle Basson  book #45,  Ivory Black















salon presents


a program of intimate & experimental, readings, talks, conversations, guided tours, presentations, lectures, performances and sundry other possibilities by artists in informal & unusual settings.

salon # 1             A Walk in Tuscany, slide night, performative reading with artist Marinelle Basson, February 19, 2017. South Hobart,

                           artist's lounge room

salon # 2             Roughly Blended, performative reading with writer Helen Swain, April 4, 2017. West Hobart, a friends lounge room

salon # 3             Memento Mori, artist talk presented through word and image with Lauren Black, April 9, 2017. Hobart, TopSpace StudioGallery

salon # 4             Wrong Making and Divergent Handicraft, with artist Mae Finlayson, June 22, 2011. Launceston, Inveresk Precinct, UTAS

salon # 5             gather, visual unpacking with Gwen Egg,  August 8, 2017. Dodges Ferry, Okines Community House

salon # 7             Flirting, executive style presentation with writer/performer Suzy Cooper, August 19, 2017.  Hobart, upstairs Republic Bar 

salon # 8             Dark Cave, participant performance with Janelle Mendham. August 25, 2017.  Hastings, Newdegate Cave

salon # 9             Slipping out, with artist Jan Dineen, September, 2017. Mount Nelson, artist's studio

salon # 10           Mother Wouldn’t Like It, performative reading with writer Helen Swain, December 8, 2017.  Ferntree, artist's lounge room

salon # 6             Dark Cave Duet, with performance movement artist Wendy Morrow, February, 2018.  Hastings, Newdegate Cave

salon # 11           Other than Orthodox–Poem 124  by Emily Dickinson, with artist Jane Slade, March 6, 2018.  Hobart, TopSpace StudioGallery

salon # 12           Destiny, in-situ sculptural performance, installation and artist reading with Gay Hawkes, March 18, 2018.  Marion Bay,    

                           artist's home & studio

salon # 13           The Limits of Knowing and the Limits of Language, presentation by writer,  Jennie Jackson, May 6, 2018.  

                           Hobart, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Customs House, Royal Society Room




salon@hobART Book Fair   



Representing 18 artists from across Australia, taking 37 different publications and artist books to the hobART Book Fair, run by A Published Event (Margaret Woodward & Justy Phillips) during The People’s Library. Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart. Sept 21& 22, 2018.

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